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and my company SutteCity - Rythm, Design Administration. My name is Lena and I’m an self-employed instructor and work with rhythm, movement, line dancing and singing.

I got my Zumba® Fitness license in marsh 2011 and I have now have Zumba Fitness classes on different levels. In november 2011 I aslo became a Zumba Gold instructor and in april/may 2012 Zumba Toning and Gold/Toning instructor. In 2013 I also took the licens för Zumba Core.

Since 2006 I work with the RGRM®-method (red&blue) and I am licensed to work with all the 18 movements. I am also a member of the board since 2008.

What is the RGRM®-method?:  Since 1993 the RGRM® Method has become a concept which is used within training and rehabilitation. Today the method is used in public health care as a rehabilitation resource as well as in the private sector. It employs rhythm, music and movement to promote natural, harmonic patterns of response in a persons body and senses. Read more at RGRM® Sverige AB's homepage www.rgrm.se 

In 1999 I tried Line dance for the first time and then I got addicted to this dance form! In the year 2000 I had my first group of dancers and now I have groups from absolute beginners to competition levels. I have competed in choreography and I love to develop my dancers and see them grow as dancers and when they find new things about them self.  

I'm an selflearned singer and I sing when I can. Today it's mostly in the church at services, christenings and funerals.

I have been on local radio shows, singingcompetitions and local TV-shows and I also performed at dance shows at UCWDC competitons in Sweden and Norway. I have found out that singing technique is useful when teaching dance technique and I use it in my dancegroups. 

Rhythm is life - Life is rhythm(Ronnie Gardiner) 

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Best regards Lena Svensson